What is the purpose of wage portage?

In recent years, there has been a sharp increase in the use of a form of work that is often little-known. In fact, more and more people are interested in becoming a freelance worker. It is a tripartite relationship in which a consultant, a carrying company and the end customer are involved. The consultant is hired by the company and performs services for the client who will then be invoiced directly by the company. So what is the current success of this new form of work? How can future business leaders be seduced? What are the advantages of this hybrid status?

Test your business safely

By browsing the portage salarial avis, you will quickly realize that this status is ideal to validate (or not) the viability and sustainability of the activity you want to devote yourself to. Indeed, you can maintain a level of social protection similar to that of an employee with a more traditional employment contract (temporary, fixed-term or permanent contract). If, a few months after its launch, you notice that your activity does not generate sufficient turnover for you to make a living from it and that the prospects for development are not really good, you can stop it without putting yourself in difficult administrative and financial situations afterwards. Portage therefore advantageously combines the conditions of an employee under contract (access to the CSE, right to unemployment, pension, health insurance, complementary health insurance and others) and the freedom to act of a self-employed person.

Devoting yourself 100% to the business

All company managers know it well: administrative obligations are extremely time-consuming, mandatory under penalty of sanction and above all they bring absolutely nothing to the development of your business. Fortunately, porting still embodies an effective solution to this problem which concerns all business creators. Thus, the ported employee will be able to safely and confidently delegate the administrative part, customer invoicing, supplier invoicing, accounting or payment follow-up. As a counterpart, he pays monthly management fees to the company employing him. On the other hand, he retains full freedom to determine his service offer, to set his prices and to decide on the terms and conditions of his intervention during the performance of his services at the end customer's premises. So delegate this daunting work to an expert who will ultimately do it better than you? What do you think about it? In this context, you will be able to free yourself from the extra time you have available and devote it to activities directly related to your business. You will be able to concentrate fully on the parts prospecting, training or the realization of your missions. Do not neglect also the other potential impacts of the requirement to start an activity whatever the status you have chosen. Indeed, you will need to make sure you set aside time for your family and friends.

Benefit from the expertise of the carrying company

The vast majority of the carrying companies not only take care of the administrative part. Indeed, they have undeniable know-how and experience that should be shared in order to benefit the employees being carried. An advisor is often made available for this purpose. Their role is to promote the successful completion of the project of the employee carried. He or she can offer specific training and lead workshops to help future company directors to progress and take off fully. The adviser will also open his address book, which has been enriched for many years. This status thus allows a creator to not remain alone and solely focused on himself. Indeed, the porting mode gives access to a real dynamic community in which opinions and experience feedback can be exchanged.
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