10 tips for a successful email marketing

E-mail marketing is one of the tools used by the web marketer in his customer loyalty or prospecting project. This practice allows to increase sales and to succeed in the e-marketing strategy. To better understand how to boost your e-mailing strategy, here are 10 tips relating to this practice.

Some tips to improve your email marketing strategy

Web marketers who use digital marketing must respect certain tools to optimize their electronic marketing campaign. Among other things, templates will have to be adapted to be compatible with mobile devices. Another piece of advice is to optimize email deliverability and integrate email as a central part of their multi-channel strategy. Avoid campaign errors and save time by focusing on the automation of recurring campaigns. The email marketing strategy consists of centralizing the management of its data, analyzing the information coming from the different channels. This last trick increases the quality of the segmentation that leads to Lead Nurturing. Advertisers need to be active by answering possible questions from newsletter subscribers as well as comments and questions from Internet users who react on the Facebook and Twitter pages.

Why segment your audience?

An e-mail marketing campaign makes it possible to meet the objectives of the audience targeted by the advertiser. It is therefore necessary to present to subscribers the products or services that interest them. Thanks to segmentation, you can easily reach the people most interested in the message you intend to send by e-mail. Audience segmentation makes it possible to take advantage of highly effective personalization, because the strategy meets the needs of each customer. In order to segment the list of targeted customers, there are 7 ways to take into account. Location, purchase history, site usage, commitment from previous campaigns are part of the data to be processed. The age of the Internet user, his/her gender and the reasons for abandoning a subscription are part of the useful information in audience segmentation.

Technical advice to boost your marketing strategy

Those who wish to launch an emailing campaign must first of all define a clear objective of the prospecting project. Choose a convincing title, launch your campaign at the right time. For example, avoid sending emails on weekends, Mondays and Fridays and give preference to sending emails between 8 a.m. and 12 noon. In the content of the e-mail, you should optimise your brand by displaying, for example, the logo, respecting the brand colours and the design of the website. A well-designed e-mail should be an effective incentive for the user to take action. The campaign should contain a clear call to action.
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