Life coach, business coach, school coach, how to choose your speciality ?

The choice of the field of predilection counts enormously for the future coach. The coaching project must be the result of a wish and a passion for the job. Specialty, niche, obviously depends on the clientele, especially for beginner coaches. The practice of coaching has made it possible to draw out classifications, which can be used as an orientation.

Specialty of the coach

A future coach specializes in his profession based on his preferences and affinities. He has the choice between two specialties. On the one hand, there is the business coach who works in a company and its surroundings. In this sense, he accompanies the company in the achievement of their objectives. He identifies obstacles and gives strategic solutions that allow the client to go beyond his limits. On the other hand, he can choose to be a life coach. He accompanies people of all ages. It can be a young child, an adult or an elderly person. As such, he follows the coachee by helping him to become aware of his potential, his values, in short to have a completely positive image. The themes covered are varied: from job search, separation, exams, personal or professional problems, etc.

The niche: the coach's targets

The coach speciality is also determined according to the niche. It is the definition of the client's need, and the solution that one chooses to bring to the client. The ideal client is the one we would like to accompany. It is necessary to define it in order to find it in the target market. The market depends on the professional expertise and interests of the coach. The market must be established in a general way, and then by refining the research, a niche can be found.

The client according to the coaching area

On the one hand, for the business coach, the ideal client has to be evaluated on the basis of different criteria. The coach's speciality depends on this. For this purpose, the number of employees, the turnover and the line of business, as well as the geographical location are indispensable information. It will be easy to determine the problems as well as the challenges the company is facing. On the other hand, for the personal coach, he will have to select his clientele based on gender, educational background, annual income, profession as well as his place in the social hierarchy. Indeed, the coach will have no difficulty in identifying psychological needs and bring relevant solutions.
Professional coaching is very popular during professional reconversions.
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