What are the qualities to become a coach?

Nowadays, many people looking for professional fulfillment opt for the profession of coach. The idea comes, either after a desire for additional income or a complete professional reconversion. Although the job of business coach is accessible to all, it also implies specific qualities, essential to be effective.

Being a coach requires motivation

Sometimes a person, previously supported by a coach, is seduced by the profession. Then she decides to take a coaching training course at a pedagogical institute such as Linkup Coaching. This person must be interested in the relational, that is to say the human relationship, the way it works, the way it feels, acts and thinks. It will also be necessary to believe that this job is made for her, while making sure that she can transform the coached individuals. To this end, it will be necessary to know how to take an objective look, without judging or criticizing the client. It should be noted that being a coach is a project that requires determination and motivation. This will allow the trainee coach to face any challenge, which he or she will have to face, before acquiring a satisfactory status in the profession.

The qualities expected of the future coach

Indeed, the coach's mission is to stimulate, motivate and lead a person to surpass himself. It is not a job that is chosen lightly. The coach is a person with power over his clients, that is to say that he is brought to influence them. Of course, this requires know-how as well as interpersonal skills. Thus, coaching training consists of providing technical knowledge to the future mentor, while the success of the job will depend on his own qualities. To this end, he will have to be a good listener and know how to maintain an individual relationship. The coach will also have to let the client express himself freely and if he has to say what he feels, he must be respectful and objective.

Ways to become a coach

It is a liberal profession that is not yet officially recognized by the state. Generally, it does not require any specific diploma apart from interpersonal and human qualities. On the other hand, in order to receive a certificate of aptitude for the monitoring profession, it is necessary to follow a coaching training course. The certificate is acquired after one year of theoretical and practical studies. Among other things, business or company coaches who want to become employees must follow academic training. Thus, its studies are accessible to people who have their masters or postgraduate degree in coaching.
Professional coaching is very popular during professional reconversions.
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